By: Bill Donahue   |   The Atavist Magazine   |   July 2022
In 1945, a father and his young son set out across the bering strait, fleeing soviet russia for a better life in america. Neither knew how perilous their journey would become.
Last summer, Tiffany Thiele, a young rock climber from Reno, Nevada, took her life after posting a Facebook message claiming she’d been raped by a ski patroller. She left behind an unsolvable mystery about what really happened, along with urgent questions about whether more could have been done to heal her feelings of pain and distrust.

By: Chris Pomorski   |   HuffPost   |   Oct 2020
William O’Brien was a well-heeled doctor with a thriving Philadelphia medical practice. He was also at the center of a massive painkiller supply chain run by an outlaw biker gang.