By: David Grann   |   New Yorker   |   May 2015
For a moment, he was obscured by the Havana night. It was as if he were invisible, as he had been before coming to Cuba, in the midst of revolution. Then a burst of floodlights illuminated him: William Alexander Morgan, the great Yankee comandante.

By: Justin Sayles   |   The Ringer   |   January 2024
For 24 years, Bill Belichick was the Patriot Way. His legacy of the cold pursuit of winning at all costs made him the most decorated coach of all time, but in the end, it helped unravel the greatest dynasty the NFL had ever seen.

By: Bryan Curtis   |   The Ringer   |   January 2024
The year 2017 was, in the words of esteemed former ESPN anchor Bob Ley, an “annus horribilis” at the company. The news this year isn’t just bad, it’s incredibly weird.