By: Gaby Del Valle   |   The Verge   |   Aug 2022
In the Sonoran Desert in Arizona, Border Patrol spent billions on high-tech surveillance. All the drones, cameras, and manpower do little to deter migrants from trying to cross the border — it only makes the journey deadlier.

By: Lauren Kelly   |   Noema   |   June 2022
A growing movement of artists, designers and city planners is trying to reconsider urban noise not as a ubiquitous nuisance, but as a positive building block for cities where people want to be.

By: Mitchell S. Jackson   |   Esquire   |   Aug 2022
He grew up speaking a language of the enslaved on the shores of Pin Point, Georgia. He would become the most powerful Black man in America, using the astonishing power vested in a Supreme Court justice to hold back his own people. Now he sits atop an activist right-wing court poised to undo the progressivism of the past century. What happened?